What Is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a modern way to restore teeth, either for cosmetic reasons or to build up tooth structure that has been lost.

It involves bonding a tooth-colored resin material to existing teeth to reshape or improve their color.

We bond on very strongly the resin material and polish it up, which will last for many years.

Composite bonding is appropriate for pretty much every patient.

Why Is Composite Bonding Necessary?

Bonding is not necessary, and it is purely a cosmetic treatment. Bonding does not usually require the dentist to remove any part of your tooth.

It is a composite material glued to your teeth to give them your preferred shape or color.

Can Bonding Keep My Tooth Structure Intact?

The restoration will last 5-6 years before it needs to be polished up or repaired in some way.

Composite bonding is a completely pain-free procedure. There is: 

  • No anaesthetic required
  • No drilling required
  • No change to the existing tooth structure

Just polishing the teeth, gently adding on the resin material, and then giving that a very high-grade polish at the end.

Can I Get Bonding After Orthodontic Treatment?

We often provide composite bonding to our patients after braces. Often when the teeth are misaligned, they can get a lot of wear and chip, especially on the front teeth.

This can be very noticeable when the teeth have been straightened. We can then build the teeth after the braces have been removed with bonding.

This results in straight and properly shaped teeth, and the results can be dramatic.

Is Bonding Suitable For Damaged & Discoloured Teeth?

We can also provide composite bonding to damaged and discolored teeth – especially teeth with white marks on the front (a widespread problem in Ireland due to the fluoride in the water). 

Removing a little of the blemish from the front of the tooth (often, we don’t need anesthetic as the blemish is usually shallow) can restore the tooth or teeth and make them look pretty perfect again.

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